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What is Self-Care and how can you practice it?

Self-care is all about making the time to look after yourself. It’s about figuring out what you need, and acting on it. To implement self-care in your life, is to understand that you need to look after yourself in order to live a happy, successful life and look after others.

Physical self-care

It is easy to fall into bad habits when it comes to looking after our physical self. It is so easy to let it all fall by the wayside when you have ‘more important’ ways to be spending your time. There are so many different ways we can look after our physical selves, and they don’t all involve getting hot and sweaty and buying a new gym outfit.

  • Make that dentist appointment you’ve been putting off.
  • Start a new skin care regime.
  • Keep active – go for long walks and do some regular exercise.
  • Get enough sleep – try going to bed a little earlier.
  • Introduce more healthy foods in your life, and cut down on the junk.
  • Start taking daily vitamins
  • Dance like no-one’s watching
  • Spend some time out in the sun

Emotional self-care

We are generally emotionally fragile as human beings, but we have the potential to be so strong. Are you one of those people who bottles everything up until you explode? Someone who goes and hides away in a corner because you can’t deal with it all?

  • Watch a sappy film and have a good cry – the release will help to relax you.
  • Start a journal – log your thoughts and feelings, or any emotional triggers you discover. How did you combat them?
  • Talk to people – build up a peer support network and unload.
  • Become aware of how you speak to yourself – ditch those negative words for something more positive and encouraging.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself when you make a mistake – allow it. Remember that nobody is perfect.
  • Incorporate the habit of gratitude into your every day life – start a gratitude jar or get involved in #100daysofgratitude
  • Accept yourself for who you are – don’t expect more than you are capable of or try to change yourself overnight. You are a beautiful person, and you are unique.

Enjoy yourself!

Ensure that you incorporate fun time into your daily routine. Do things that you want to do, rather than need to do.

  • Read that book
  • Visit that place you’ve always wanted to go to
  • Take up that new hobby
  • Enjoy a nice long soak in a hot bath
  • Splash out and treat yourself to a manicure
  • Buy a new outfit
  • Have a night out and go to the cinema

Do you already practice self-care? What has helped you? What do you enjoy the most? What advice do you have for others? I’d love to hear from you.

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