• Mental Health

    5 Ways to Cope with Postnatal Depression

    Postnatal Depression. For some, it’s a niggling feeling in the pit of the stomach; an intrusive thought that keeps popping up out of the blue; something you can control but never really goes. For others, it is a complete life…

  • Mental Health

    Why Self Care Should be a Priority as a Mum

    As a mum, or a parent in general, I find it is so easy to overlook my own well being. I’m talking a rounded well being here – physical, emotional, psychological. I spend so much of my time worrying about…

  • General

    Finding a Routine That Works

    As I’m sure it is with most people, I work best with structure and routine. With my daily mental health battles, it is so easy for me to become overwhelmed by the smallest things. The routine I am in at…

  • Mental Health

    7 Reasons to Practice Mindfulness

    The first big question here, is what is mindfulness? Well simply put, mindfulness is a type of self care. I’d even argue that it’s the most important type. Strangely enough, mindfulness is all about really putting your mind to work…

  • self care
    Mental Health

    What is Self-Care and how can you practice it?

    Self-care is all about making the time to look after yourself. It’s about figuring out what you need, and acting on it. To implement self-care in your life, is to understand that you need to look after yourself in order…


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