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REVIEW: Crochet dish scrubbers and cloths

Back in April, I posted on Instagram and Facebook about some new dish scrubbers and cloths I had purchased from Crochet Over the Rainbow. I promised a review, and here it is! Albeit a little later than intended…but life happened.

Why choose crochet?

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked is why I chose to buy crochet cloths. Or rather, why change from my usual J-cloths and sponges? They are still reusable after all, and you can pick them up pretty cheap. Well it’s simple really – I think they are pretty rubbish. I used to get through so many of them because they’d either rip easily or wouldn’t grip to the surface enough to actually scrub off the food. The sponges were similar – I found that they started breaking apart easily, and you’re screwed if they pick up any grease etc because they just keep hold of it.

I have been trying to make small swaps around the home recently, both to be more eco-friendly and to support small business. Having stumbled across Crochet Over The Rainbow on Etsy, I found I kept going back to their selling page and Facebook page and eyeing up the products. So, when I decided the cloth and sponge needed replacing, I took a gamble.

Which products did I buy?

I chose to buy two dish cloths and two dish scrubbers – I figured that way I could have one in the wash and one on the go. The dish cloths are beach ball blue and opal green, and the scrubbers are dark turquoise and heather.


  • Colours – I love the colours! They haven’t run in the wash, and there has been minimal fade
  • Everything feels cleaner – right from the first use, it felt like everything was washing better. Especially when using the scrubbers!
  • Less likely to cut fingers – because the cloths and scrubbers are quite thick, my fingers feel safer when cleaning sharp objects
  • Easy to wash – just chuck them in the washing machine! I tend to swap them over each week and wash them with our towels
  • No smell – Because they can be washed regularly, they always smell reasonably fresh. There’s no underlying scent of old food that used to get caught in the sponges
  • Save money – Whilst they have a bigger upfront cost, it will save me a lot of money in the long run. I can keep washing and reusing rather than having to go and buy replacements every few months.
  • Eco-friendly – Made with 100% cotton yarn, and obviously reusable


  • Slow drying – they definitely need to be hung up after use, but they come with loops for this purpose
  • Harder to clean tight spaces – use a brush! Problem solved

Would I recommend?

Yes, yes and yes! The products look beautiful, do their job well, and are easy to clean and maintain. I definitely won’t be looking back! Crochet Over the Rainbow is a lovely little family run business with brilliant customer service, and I will certainly be purchasing from them again. I would 100% recommend to anyone who asks.

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