Nursing Boxes for Young Children

I remember first being introduced to the idea of nursing boxes when my partner’s sister had her second child. She had a special box that she had created for her first born, which had all sorts of activities/toys that he could play with when she was nursing his brother. The contents of the box was regularly swapped out, meaning there were exciting new things to discover or rediscover.

The introduction of new new sibling can be difficult for a young child, especially when you are breastfeeding. Cluster feeding means that you have a lot less free time to give them, as you often end up stuck on sofa without any free hands. Having a nursing box helps to make that time special for them too.

When our daughter was born, our son was given a special nursing box of his own. He had some new puzzles, and a book borrowed from his big cousin. It really helped when we were establishing feeding.

Collated below are a number of different ideas that I have come across whilst searching on Pinterest. I hope they help to spark your imagination and help you to build a nursing box of your own. Please feel free to save/follow my Nursing Box for Toddlers board, as I will continue to add to it!

Gingerbread man shape matching busy bag

Felt buttons chain quiet activity for kids

Rainbow colour sorting busy bag

Flower bouquet busy box

DIY portable Lego kit

Easy Fall button tree

Have you used a nursing box for your children? Did it work for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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