magic mayhem repeat

…and so our story begins.

Magic. Mayhem. Repeat.

I believe all parents will agree that family life with children is full of both magic and mayhem. It can switch up in a second, and leave you feeling battered and bruised, or remind you just how amazing parenthood can be.

Because yes, it’s amazing.

Horrendous at times, when you’re dealing with vomit and poo and tantrums, but glorious at others when they make you giggle and snort and fill you with excitement and pride.

Ultimately, amazing.

How did this blog come about?

Ever since I can remember, I have loved writing. The number of half finished stories and plays I have in my collection is insane; especially the ones from my childhood! Some of them make me smile, whilst others are just cringe worthy.

I remember following my Nan around her bungalow once as she was trying to do housework, reading one of my plays. The main character had gone to the supermarket to collect some food for a meal they were going to throw, and it was pages and pages of transcript following this character whilst he was trying to find everything whilst having a full on conversation with himself. I’d like to think I’ve improved since then!

Four years ago I started a blog called Prose and Progeny. It was supposed to be a place for me to share my experience of new motherhood, and a way for me to vent and organise my mind.

For a while, it worked. I wasn’t in the right place to give it my full attention though, and it soon dwindled. Instead of a place of rejuvenation, it became a rut.

Stop start stop start.

Four years and 2 kids later, and I’m where I want to be. Mostly anyway! I am enjoying motherhood (no matter how much I moan about it), and have a steady grasp on my mental health.

It is time to start the next chapter of my writing journey.

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