• Mental Health

    Anxiety: What It Means for Me

    Everybody gets anxious, especially those with children in their care. You might get anxious about starting a new job, or your child starting a new school. Maybe you get anxious in certain situations, or around certain people. Living with anxiety, though, is far more than just getting anxious about things. It can be completely debilitating, and can take over your entire life. It is with me 24/7. On a good day, my anxiety takes a back seat and is reasonably controllable. It’s like having kids chatting away in the back seat of the car – it’s there, and it’s a…

  • Mental Health

    Why Self Care Should be a Priority as a Mum

    As a mum, or a parent in general, I find it is so easy to overlook my own well being. I’m talking a rounded well being here – physical, emotional, psychological. I spend so much of my time worrying about…

  • General

    Autumn Craft Ideas

    Autumn is, without a doubt, my favourite time of year. The colours, the smells, the feel of the cool air – I love it all! One thing I struggle with though, is keeping my son occupied when we are at…

  • General

    Finding a Routine That Works

    As I’m sure it is with most people, I work best with structure and routine. With my daily mental health battles, it is so easy for me to become overwhelmed by the smallest things. The routine I am in at…

  • Mental Health

    7 Reasons to Practice Mindfulness

    The first big question here, is what is mindfulness? Well simply put, mindfulness is a type of self care. I’d even argue that it’s the most important type. Strangely enough, mindfulness is all about really putting your mind to work…

  • Family

    Nursing Boxes for Young Children

    I remember first being introduced to the idea of nursing boxes when my partner’s sister had her second child. She had a special box that she had created for her first born, which had all sorts of activities/toys that he…

  • Mental Health

    10 Signs you’re an overthinker

    Overthinking is a bitch. There’s no better way to describe it. It is anxiety inducing and bloody exhausting. It can turn the simplest of pleasures into such an ordeal that you become unable to enjoy it; a simple trip to…

  • Family

    Quitting the Day Job

    I have just printed and signed my letter of resignation, which will be delivered later today on the nursery run. I am quitting the day job, after being with the company for five years. Liberation and fear are in equal…

  • Eco-friendly living
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    REVIEW: Crochet dish scrubbers and cloths

    Back in April, I posted on Instagram and Facebook about some new dish scrubbers and cloths I had purchased from Crochet Over the Rainbow. I promised a review, and here it is! Albeit a little later than intended…but life happened.…

  • self care
    Mental Health

    What is Self-Care and how can you practice it?

    Self-care is all about making the time to look after yourself. It’s about figuring out what you need, and acting on it. To implement self-care in your life, is to understand that you need to look after yourself in order…


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